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Mindfulness matters at Dromana

Trinity Kids Australia has one mission….to Emotionally Empower Kids Every Day.


AFFIRMATION ROCKS WORKSHOP – 3 hours / $45 per child

This fantastic, fun and crafty school holiday workshop will see kids creating their very own set of 8 affirmation rocks to take home. Affirmation rocks are a great way to encourage your child to change that inner dialogue.

JAN1:00pm8+Dromana17th JAN10:00am

MANAGING ANXIETY WORKSHOP – 2.5 hours / $40 per child

Sadly, anxiety is a way of life for so many kids. Our Trinity Kids Managing Anxiety School Holiday workshop has been uniquely designed to empower kids aged 6 – 12 years with the tools they need to better manage their anxiety and well being.

Dromana15th JAN10:00am9 – 12Dromana15th JAN1:30pm6 – 8

TEEN’S VISION BOARD WORKSHOP – 2 hours / $35 per child

Vision Boards are a fantastic way for teens to set achievable goals and stay on track to achieving them. At the end of this wonderful Trinity Kids workshop, teens will have some clear focus for the year ahead, and will take home a unique piece of work that will help them manifest their dreams and desires over the next 12 months.

JAN10:00am12+Dromana17th JAN2:00pm

More Information:   0437 331 308   We are open anytime    Trinity Kids

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