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Providing a safe and welcoming environment where children are encouraged to grow unique minds and develop into confident little learners. 

At Little Gum we believe in inclusion and recognize that each child is their own person, celebrating the special characteristics that make them unique.

Our program is a play-based program and follows the Early Learning Years Framework.

About the service Our service is registered as a provider of Occasional Childcare and licensed with Children’s Services Victoria and registered to provide Childcare Subsidies. We offer up to 16 places in total per day. You may be eligible to receive Childcare Benefits to reduce your fees. ​ Occasional Childcare programs support families by providing flexible care for children from 18 months to school age.   ​ We offer both casual and permanent positions.   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 9 am – 2 pm ​Fees: $70 per day Childcare Subsidy is available  Two weeks’ notice must be given in writing for any changes  Waiting List Choose a session to meet your child’s learning needs:- Family Grouping Care is available to children from 18 months to five years of age. Children from the same family can attend sessions together. These sessions are ideal for younger children to have an opportunity to learn and play with older children. Our Educational Program contributes to the following outcomes for children: the child will have a strong sense of identity the child will relate to and contribute to his or her world the child will have a strong sense of wellbeing the child will be a confident and involved learner the child will be an effective communicator. At Little Gum we take all reasonable steps to ensure education and care is provided in a way that: encourages children to express themselves and their opinions gives children the opportunity to become self-reliant and develop self-esteem always maintains the dignity and rights of each child gives positive guidance and encouragement towards acceptable behavior has regard to the family and cultural values, age, physical and intellectual development, and abilities of each child being educated and cared for by the service. Licensed under the Children’s Services Act 1996 (CS Act) and the new Children’s Services Regulations 2020 Staff to Child ratios allow educators to give more individual care and attention to your child, which helps them to develop better social and learning skills. Educators will develop more effective and meaningful relationships with your child, to help make sure they are engaged, happy and relaxed. Two weeks notice must be given in writing for any changes  If you have any questions regarding the fees please contact: Kerrie Harris- Enrolment Coordinator ​​ Waiting List – Please add your details if you are enquiring Choose a session to meet your family and child’s needs ​​ Debitsuccess: Parents will need to enter their bank account or credit card details through Home. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, payments will be deducted using your preferred method. The deductions will occur according to the billing cycle that is set up, two weeks for that specific parent. Conditions of attendance: Absences must be paid for and in the interest of staying safe and healthy children who are ill cannot attend. ​ ​ Phone:                  0417 467 734 Video:  Childcare Subsidy Manager:                                         Tracey Trueman Enrolment Coordinator:                      Kerrie Harris Team Leader:                                    Rebekah Fraser ​

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