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Donate directly to Dromana Food Rescue and Share

BSB 633 000 Account #  150 336 014

At Dromana Community House we have invested for over seven years providing food for the community in need.

Over seventy families weekly are collecting now on Thursdays.

 The Pop up cart is well visited by the community six days per week

The Bendigo Bank Community Branch Southern Peninsula are on board with other sponsors so we can start to roll out more "emerging community needs that address food insecurity".

"It does take a community like ours to feed to raise a village!"

We address food scarcity and poverty, empowering people through volunteering, education, social inclusion and connection.

and will be rolling out practical ways to eat healthier and stretch that food further!

Manager - Tracey Trueman  



Hickinbotham Winery

Easter fun day fundraiser

Revamped Jewellery

Thank you for the $1,000 donation

Hickinbotham Winery

Thank you for the donation form the Easter Sunday Charity Day

Bendigo Community Bank Southern Peninsula

Provide funds to extend the Dromana Food Rescue and Share

Second Bite

SecondBite exists to ensure that good food destined for waste reaches people facing hunger and food insecurity. In doing so, we address critical social, environmental and economic challenges. Second Bite deliver one pallet of food weekly to the Dromana Community House.


Charity Golf Days raise funds for the program

Dromana Boomerang Bags

Supports the project with sales of reusable shopping bags

Lions Club Dromana

Provide a grant annually through funds raised at the Opportunity Shop in Pier street

Torello Farmgate

Monthly donation and also weekly supplies of fresh vegetables go a long way

Kuzo Cr0ss Fit Gym

Thank you for your donation


Citrus Fruits

Working together to rescue and share food!

Get in touch so we can start working together.         Phone The Manager Tracey Trueman 0417 467 734

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