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Dromana Community Bags 

Over 4000 made locally!

Volunteers from all walks of life get together to make re-useable ‘boomerang bags’ we gather at Dromana on Wednesdays to make bags using recycled materials, as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

Bags are available at $3 donation which goes back into the project and supports the Neighbourhood House programs including The Little Pantry and Second Bite - Ending Hunger, Ending Waste

We rely on volunteers who make the bags with love and joy we must ensure each bag is purchased with the intent to reduce the use of plastic bags on the peninsula and world wide and in no means commercially.

We make orders for events and conferences that will make an educational impact.

The wider Boomerang Bags ideals are subscribed to:-

Together we link hands globally to create a paradigm shift to a more connected and conscious society.

I's more than the bag on Wednesdays where we venture further to up-cycling fabrics and learn new sewing techniques.

You can pick up a bag at:-

Fifteen Gibson Street

Torello Farm Gate

Bendigo Bank Dromana

Lions Opportunity Shop in Pier street

Foundation Foods


Pick up the pattern here


Aboriginal people of Australia are part of the oldest continuous living culture in history. Aboriginal people have a rich custom, lore and value system based on the sustainability of their spiritual connection, belonging, obligation and responsibility to care for the land, the people and the environment. Boomerang Bags respects and honours Aboriginal people and works to support their core values to protect the land and provide a healthy future for all living creatures.


Our sister group at Seawinds used their boomerang bags to fundraise enough to purchase these wonderful backpack swags as a gift for homeless people on the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, AUS). The swags ensure a warm bed, security and a place to call home, particularly during the winter months.

Find a group in your village by clicking on the link above.

Dromana Community Bags is part of the Mornington Peninsula Hub and sponsors the web site

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