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Find your way to participate at Fifteen Gibson street, perhaps in an activity to enjoy, improve your skills,  socialise or to keep fit and healthy.

You may have skills to share, we would love to hear from you too!

Perhaps you are considering volunteering, we have a huge volunteer contingent that keep our activities and Neighbourhood House relevant,  vital and alive.

We match your skills to a task and look at how we can empower you to return to work, to study or meet your passion for helping out in the community.


"We get back more than we give" - Di E. Food share volunteer

"The little house hugs you as you enter "- Lynne Mc. Tutor ad Committee member

"It's so cosy here and everyone says hello and speaks to me" - Glenice H. Neighbourhood House  participant.

"Thank you we are doing it a bit tough now and appreciate a box of vegies" 

- Anonymous Food Share Participant

"Dromana is my kindy" - New child at Little Gum

Community Connections

Dromana Community House connects and supports the community through three main areas
Click below for an overview.

Click on a picture below to take you to an activity and sign up!

Grow Your Vision

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